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Homeira Mortazavi: VERNISSAGE 30 April 2018, 5:00 PM at Galérie Laoun, 1396 Sherbrooke St. W. Montreal

Mortazavi vernissage 30APR2018

Homeira Mortazavi: VERNISSAGE 30 Avril 2018, 17H00 à Galérie Laoun, 1396 rue Sherbrooke O. Montréal

Mortazavi vernissage 30APR2018



The Center for Dialogic Education provides rich learning experiences in community settings, using Professor Norman Cornett's Dialogic Philosophy of education.
The Center produces Dialogic Workshops; coordinates research into Dialogic learning; promotes dissemination of the Dialogic philosophy of education; and trains people to facilitate Dialogic Workshops.

Professor Norman Cornett is a specialist in theology and culture, particularly theology and the arts. He developed a method of education which he calls “dialogic” that uniquely engages students’ creativity.
Professor Cornett’s innovative views on learning are portrayed in “Professor Norman Cornett,” a documentary by Alanis Obomsawin, one of Canada’s most distinguished filmmakers. The National Film Board of Canada released the film in 2009, and it now screens in universities throughout North America and Europe.

Prof. Cornett


Professor Norman Cornett
E-mail: info@cdedec.com
Phone: +1 514-256-2483

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